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The History and Benefits of Iridology Machine for Sale

The History and Benefits of Iridology Machine for Sale
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    The History and Benefits of Iridology Machine for Sale

    Iridology Machine for Sale Iridology Machine for Sale Iridology Machine for Sale

    * Nice appearance and innovative design
    * LED illuminator around lens
    * Imported lens with plated layer
    * 5.0 Mega pixels high resolution Korea sensor
    * Special DSP image processor, Optical Image Stabilizer
    * Left/Right lamp control Function.
    * Single capture button and digital pause capture.
    * Adjustable focus to give clear image.
    * Auto white balance and contrast adjustment, Color Temperature Filter
    * Dual image compare function
    * 3D-Negative capture mode
    * Compatible with iris lens, hair lens and skin lens.
    * Deliver clear and accurate images.
    * Easy to operate.
    * Maximum resolution: 2560×1920
    * OS: Windows XP, WIN2000, 2003, Vista, Win7, 8,10.


    * Iris analysis system: international technology, unique functions.
    * Iris analysis system is a medicinal tool that checks the body conditions and prevents diseases from occurring.
    * We brought in the advanced iris analysis technology from Germany to lead people to discover sources of illness, and care the body health and spirit in anyways.
    * The instrument can show the body conditions of customers and suggest customers the suitable health food, and the plans to care their bodies.

    1)Advanced auto iris analysis technology to provide the best help for beginners to learn.
    2)Software easy to use, help you to command.
    3)Recommend to use of 1024X768 resolution, it will be the best.
    4)Recommend to use Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8 system.

    1. Main body X1pc
    2. Handset X1pc
    3. 30X Iris Lens X1pc
    4. Aluminum Box X1pc
    5. 1.5 Meter USB Line X1pc
    6. Lens protective cover X1pc

    Iridology Machine for Sale

    * Instructions & Warranty X1pc
    * CD (Driver and Pro Analysis Software) X1pc


    FCC, CE.


    Quality assurance:
    1. Nice appearance and innovative design

    2. Easy to operate.

    3. High quality


    Product Details

    Place of Origin China
    Brand Name MAIKONG
    Certification CE
    Model Number MK-9822U
    Maximum resolution 3840*2880
    feature 4 LED/2 LED lamps control
    Pixels 12MP
    language English / Spanish
    software with pro Analysis software


    Iridology Machine for Sale Iridology Machine for Sale Iridology Machine for Sale




    Handset  1pc
    30X Iris Lens  1pc
    Aluminum Box  1pc
    Lens protective cover  1pc
    User Manual  1pc
    CD (Driver and Pro Analysis Software)  1pc
    Software USB KEY  1pc


    Iridology is a form of alternative medicine that uses the iris of the eye to gather information about a person’s health. Iridology machines are tools that aid in the analysis and interpretation of the irises. In this article, we will explore the history, working principle, advantages, steps in iris interpretation, the iridology chart, and the usage process of iridology software. We will also discuss who needs these machines and their applications in various industries.

    History of Iridology Machine

    1. Iridology machine for sale has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. 2. It was developed by a Hungarian physician named Ignatz von Peczely, who noticed distinct changes in the iris of his patients. 3. Over the years, the technology and accuracy of iridology machines have significantly improved, making them a valuable tool in the field of alternative medicine.

    Working Principle

    4. Iridology machines use specialized cameras to capture high-resolution images of the iris.

    5. These images are then analyzed using advanced software algorithms to identify and assess various markings, colors, and patterns in the iris.

    6. Based on the principles of iridology, these machines can provide insights into a person’s systemic health and identify potential areas of concern.

    Iridology Machine for Sale

    Advantages of Iridology Machines

    7. Provides a non-invasive and painless way to assess a person’s health condition.

    8. Offers valuable insights into a person’s overall well-being and potential health risks.

    9. Helps in identifying underlying causes of health issues rather than just treating the symptoms.

    10. Assists in developing personalized treatment and prevention plans based on individual iris characteristics.

    Steps in Iris Interpretation

    11. Capture a clear image of the iris using the iridology machine.

    12. Analyze the iris markings, colors, and patterns using the iridology chart.

    13. Correlate the findings with the corresponding organ or body system using iridology maps.

    14. Interpret the overall health condition and identify potential areas of concern.

    15. Provide recommendations for improving health and preventing future ailments.

    About the Iridology Chart

    16. The iridology chart is a visual representation of the iris, divided into zones that correspond to specific body parts and organs.

    17. Each zone on the chart contains detailed information about the corresponding organ or body system.

    18. By analyzing the iris markings in specific zones, iridologists can gather valuable insights about a person’s health.

    Usage Process of Iridology Software

    19. Install the iridology software on a compatible computer system (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11).

    20. Connect the iridology machine to the computer using the provided cables.

    21. Capture iris images using the machine and save them on the computer.

    22. Open the iridology software and import the saved iris images.

    23. Use the software’s analysis tools to interpret the iris markings and generate detailed reports.

    Iridology Machine for Sale Iridology Machine for Sale Iridology Machine for Sale

    Who Needs Iridology Machines and Applications

    24. Iridology machines are primarily used by alternative medicine practitioners, naturopaths, and holistic health professionals.

    25. They are also valuable tools for educational institutions teaching iridology.

    26. Physical therapists and direct sales professionals in the health and wellness industry can benefit from iridology machines.

    27. Iridology machines find applications in various industries such as wellness centers, spas, and health retreats.


    In conclusion, iridology machines are essential tools in the field of alternative medicine. They provide valuable insights into a person’s health condition based on the analysis of the iris.

    With advancements in technology, these machines have become more accurate and reliable.

    If you are interested in becoming a local distributor or need pricing information, please contact us via email, WhatsApp, or leave a message. As professional iridology camera suppliers, iriscope wholesalers, and iridology camera manufacturers, our software supports Windows and is the world’s first iridology software compatible with MAC systems. We look forward to assisting you in your journey towards better health and well-being.

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